Health is balance

Our bodies fall in and out of balance on an almost constant basis.  The challenges to maintaining balance can come from many areas of our life.  We are constantly connected  to electronic devices.  We often have expectations that we must multitask in order to efficient.  We spend more time sitting.  We power through stiffness and pain, thinking it’s a normal part of life.

This has damaging and long-term consequences on not only our physical health, but also our emotional health. Living with injuries and chronic pain that limit our quality of life can have far reaching effects. It can leave us drained and ill prepared to meet the next challenge. Our muscles never have a chance to truly relax. As a result, they tighten over time, preventing efficient movement.

Some of us carve out time in our day for the gym, yoga, cross fit and other physical activities with the hope of strengthening our bodies. This is definitely a step in the right direction. But if we are involved in these activities while our muscles are not balanced, we are setting ourselves up for injuries.

The good news is that our body has an amazing ability to heal itself given the right environment. Let’s work together to remove the obstacles that may be preventing this balance and address the muscular imbalances responsible for chronic pain and injuries.

“Baljit is a compassionate, thoughtful therapist who consistently provides excellent care.  Her ability to connect with outside providers, consider additional resources/strategies, and listen to our concerns has resulted in outcomes beyond my expectations.”  (Wendy G.)